The Central Committee is responsible for taking the necessary measures and preparing for the municipal council elections to ensure their integrity and freedom. In particular, the Committee organizes, manages, supervises and monitors the electoral process. It also registers voters, prepares their records, and specifies the conditions and controls for registration therein.


Tasks of the Committee
The Central Committee is entrusted with the tasks of taking the necessary measures for municipal council elections and preparing them, provided that its integrity is guaranteed in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. 160 / 2013, and the tasks are:

  • Organize, manage, supervise and monitor the electoral process
  • Register the voters, prepare their records, and determine the conditions and controls for their registration
  • Determine the forms for accepting candidacy applications and registering candidates
  • Determination of polling centers
  • Prepare and implement polling and counting operations
  • Adopt and announce the results of the local elections
  • Issuing accreditation cards for election monitors, agents, and media and facilitating their work
  • Determine the dates of local elections
  • Setting the necessary budget for the election process and submitting it to the Minister of Local Government to take the necessary measures for its approval
  • Issuing decisions related to technical issues organizing the electoral process