Al-Khoms Sub-Committee Launches Awareness Campaign and Motivates Citizens to Register for Municipal Council Elections

The Subcommittee for the Election of the Municipal Council Al-Khoms, in cooperation with a number of community organizations, sports and cultural centers, launched its broad awareness campaign to initiate registration in the voter registration system.

The activities of the first week of the campaign witnessed the distribution of rationalization and information leaflets on the registration method in the voter registration system, by sending a text message to the number 11711 including the national number # the number of the electoral center, in addition to opening channels of communication with the citizens of the municipality through media programs and audio episodes broadcast by Al-Khoms local Radio.

The subcommittee indicated on Thursday that the campaign, which was launched with the participation of Cordoba Sports Club members and a number of community organizations, will roam the municipality’s areas, targeting the largest segment of society, as well as involving women and people with disabilities in various awareness programs, pointing out that before the launch of the campaign, the subcommittee managed to Install all digital boards on the polling centers, in preparation for implementing the stages of the electoral process and reaching the polling day.

The subcommittee called on the citizens of Al-Khoms municipality to participate in the electoral process to elect their municipal council and to speed up registration in the voter registration system before the deadline of the announced period on Monday, October 31, 2022.

The Central Committee for Local Elections revealed, in a press conference held earlier, its electoral calendar for the election of municipal councils in 13 municipalities, including the municipality of Al Khoms, set on Monday, October 31, as the date for closing the voter register in the municipality, while the registration of candidate lists will open on Monday October 24, 2022, until November 7, 2022