CCLE Celebrates International Day of Democracy, Affirming to Continue Implementing Local Elections

The fifteenth of September marks the commemoration of the International Day of Democracy, which was approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007, to promote the values of electoral participation, and is celebrated by most countries of the world, including Libya.

On this occasion, the Central Committee for Local Elections confirms its continuation in implementing the elections for municipal councils until 2025 and to move forward in doubling the effort and developing its capabilities to make the elections successful in appropriate conditions characterized by integrity and credibility, and to achieve the peaceful transfer of local authority.

In celebration of this day, the Central Committee invites citizens of the targeted municipalities to participate in the elections of their municipal councils, which begins with registration in the local elections registry by sending a text message containing the national number #, the number of the electoral center, and to make sure to choose the most suitable electoral list that serves their municipalities and fulfills their requirements and services.