CCLE Discusses Prospects for Joint Cooperation with IFES

The Central Committee for Local Elections discussed in a meeting held by the head of the central committee (Mr. Adel Al-Ashhab) on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, with the head of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) mission in Libya (Imad Youssef) ways of joint cooperation in the field of electoral awareness, technical support and areas of qualification training.

The meeting, which comes within the framework of benefiting from experiences between the Central Committee and international institutions working in the field of electoral work, included discussing the means of support provided and providing the necessary training to raise the efficiency and skills of the committee's staff involved in implementing the electoral process.

Mr. Adel Al-Ashhab indicated that cooperation with the IFES will open horizons for holding meetings at the technical level in the areas of electoral awareness and technical support, appreciating the training programs implemented by a number of the Central Committee's partners from community organizations with IFES for the benefit of the Committee in the past.

For his part, (Imad Youssef) expressed the readiness of IFES to support the electoral processes of municipal councils and the efforts of the Central Committee aimed at achieving professional standards in the implementation of elections, praising the role of the Central Committee in the success of the previous local elections and promoting the culture of peaceful transfer of local authority.