CCLE Meets with Media Professionals and Journalists on "The Role of the Media in the Electoral Process"

The Central Committee for Local Elections organized Thursday, April 21, 2022 in the capital, Tripoli, a dialogue session on the role of the media in the electoral process, in the presence of a number of journalists, media professionals, print and audio-visual media, and activists interested in electoral affairs.

The session, which was moderated by the Information Office of the Central Committee in cooperation with “Mokken” organization for awareness and information, discussed the role of the media in motivating citizens to participate in local elections, in addition to the difficulties and challenges faced by their coverage of previous electoral cycles and the possibility of overcoming them, as well as identifying and strengthening points of relationship with the Central Committee in order to serve the upcoming elections.

The dialogue witnessed many interventions that emphasized the importance of communication between the Central Committee and the various media outlets to ensure access to official electoral information, and the correct use of electoral terminology when creating news content.

The participants also noted the importance of joint media training to create professional media cadres capable of providing informational and educational material that serves the objectives of the electoral process.

For its part, the Central Committee praised, in radio interventions, the level of interaction and positive presentation that characterized the participants, stressing that it will continue to hold similar sessions in many regions of Libya, targeting the media sector in the municipalities as a main partner of the Central Committee in promoting electoral participation.