CCLE Meets with Tarhuna Subcommittee& Municipal Council Elections on July 10

In its second meeting with the Chairman of the Central Committee for Local Elections (Mr. Adel Al-Ashhab), the Tarhuna sub-committee reviewed its executive position, logistical needs, and the level of technical preparations for the implementation of the upcoming local elections.

The meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Central Committee for Local Elections in Tripoli, on Sunday, June 12, 2022, in the presence of board member (Mr. Reda Shaaban) and a number of directors of the offices of the Central Committee and heads of its units, included a discussion of mechanisms and means of communicating with community organizations in the city for their contribution to awareness programs, identifying the training needs for polling station staff, and outlining the awareness and media plan that will be launched coinciding with the start of the second round of municipal council elections scheduled for next July 10.

The head of the Central Committee for Local Elections (Mr. Adel Al-Ashhab) explained that this meeting comes within a series of periodic meetings held by the Central Committee for Local Elections and its communication with the heads and members of its sub-committees in the municipalities in order to follow up on the level of readiness to implement the upcoming municipal council elections.