CCLE Organizes Workshop for Certain Sub-committees

On Wednesday, July 20, 2022, the Central Committee for Local Elections organized a workshop on the procedures for municipal council elections, which targeted its sub-committees in the municipalities of Tarhuna, Al Khoms, Janzour, Marada.

The one-day workshop in Tripoli included a review of the tasks of the subcommittees, the stages of the electoral process, laws, and regulations, digital transformation, and the electoral observation process, in addition to electoral awareness and the role of the media in promoting effective participation in the upcoming electoral processes. The workshop also touched on the preventive measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic that must be taken by the sub-committees and their employees when implementing the elections.

The workshop also included training sessions in which the participants dealt with the correct procedures and the mechanism of their implementation with any electoral process conducted according to unified programs.

In a related context, the head of the Central Committee for Local Elections (Mr. Adel Al-Ashhab) indicated in a speech inaugurating the training activity that this workshop comes within the framework of raising the efficiency of the members of the sub-committees, and developing their job skills to serve the implementation of the upcoming municipal council elections, pointing out that this workshop will be followed by several workshops that will target the rest of the sub-committees in the municipalities and their partners from community organizations.

The Elections Security and Protection Department at the Ministry of Interior also participated in the workshop. The Department was represented by the director of the department (Brigadier/ Tariq Al-Qamati) delivering a speech in the opening of the workshop, explaining that the Elections Security and Protection Department harnesses all its elements and capabilities to secure elections in all municipalities and the safety of polling centers according to its competences, and praising the joint cooperation with the CCLE to serve the public interest.

In line with the announcement of the Central Committee for Local Elections to hold elections for a number of municipalities, the operations room - regarding problematic follow-up of the elections -  invites citizens to register in the voter register by sending a text message containing the national number # the number of the electoral center.