CCLE Publishes Final Lists of Candidates to Elect Municipal Council of Tarhuna

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the Central Committee for Local Elections announces the publication of the final lists of candidates to elect the Municipal Council of Tarhuna Municipality.

The Central Committee notes that the publication of the final lists of the 6 candidates - according to the absolute closed list system (Party-bock-vote system) - came after the end of the period of appeals granted to stakeholders, which lasted over the past two days, 18-19 September 2022, and no appeal was submitted, where the total number of nominated lists reached 70 candidates.

The Central Committee calls upon all candidate lists to elect the Municipal Council of Tarhuna, to adhere to the provisions and regulations and to review the controls they contain, pointing out that each candidate list has the right to present and express its electoral program during the electoral campaign period that will be announced by the Central Committee, in addition to registering the agents of the candidate lists next Thursday.