The activities and tasks of the logistic support department include the provision, follow-up and distribution of electoral materials, as well as a plan for the distribution of electoral materials and coordination to ensure the arrival of shipments without violations. The Logistics Support Section is also responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and supervising the management of all logistics services, and for organizing transportation, movement and supply, and daily operations in the Central Committee and all sub-committees.


  • Comprehensive guidance and coordination of logistics functions
  • Follow-up on matters related to transportation and logistics systems
  • Preparing reports and documents, recording the receipt and distribution of electoral materials
  • Directing inbound and outbound logistic operations of the Committee directly, such as transport and warehousing activities and managing the quality of logistical support
  • Negotiating with suppliers and organizations to supply electoral materials
  • Negotiate prices and logistical support services at transportation sites and recommend optimum transportation as it takes
  • Control and follow-up of imports of contracted materials and compliance with regulatory or legal requirements
  • Participate in the selection of logistical support staff, qualification and performance evaluation
  • Plan and implement the best means of transportation to the sub-committees and return polling materials from the sub-committees as needed
  • Analyze all aspects of the committee's logistics services to determine the most efficient or cost-effective means of transporting polling materials or supplies
  • Training personnel in freight operations and responsibilities regarding logistics strategies.
  • Design models for use in transporting logistical materials.
  • Design a documentary course for receiving and dispensing materials and upon return from the sub-committees


  • Professional knowledge in logistics management
  • Professional knowledge of quality standards and requirements
  • Ability to solve problems, make decisions and provide innovative solutions
  • The ability to use a computer with high skill and efficiency, and to process electronic data
  • Ability to work well as part of a team
  • Ability to negotiate and use analytical skills
  • Excellent monitoring and follow-up of work and communication skills, both verbal and written, and the processes of importing contracted materials and compliance with regulatory or legal requirements