Run for municipal council elections

  1. Membership of municipal councils
    • General category seats:
      1. Five seats for municipalities whose population is (250,000) and less
      2. Seven seats for municipalities with a population of more than (250,000)
    • Woman category: One member.
    • Revolutionaries with special needs category: One member
  2. Conditions for candidacy for membership of the Municipal Council in any of the three categories
    • To have full legal capacity and to have completed twenty - five years on the application day
    • To be listed in the voter register in the municipality in which s/he intends to run and to have a permanent residence in it
    • Not to be a chairman or member of the Central Committee or its sub-committees
    • It is not permissible for any person to run in more than one municipal council or one of the two categories in the same electoral cycle.
    • Not to have illegally obtained a state-owned funds or obtained money from a person through bribery or in exchange for carrying out the job duties that were assigned to her/him.
    • To be of good conduct and enjoy a good reputation.
    • Not to have been dismissed from the state with a final disciplinary decision, unless the dismissal was due to a political issue.
  3. Candidacy fees
  4. Financial values are deposited into the Central Committee's revenue account according to the following classifications:
    • The candidate list of the Municipal Council, consisting of nine seats, must deposit a sum of 6500 dinars.
    • The candidate list of the Municipal Council, consisting of seven seats, must deposit a sum of 4,500 dinars.
    • Candidates of the categories of women and revolutionaries with special needs must deposit a sum of 500 dinars.
    A certified check (with the name of the Central Committee) subject to return, with a value of 500 dinars for the individual candidate and 1000 dinars for the nominated list, is required as a guarantee of removing the electoral campaign manifestations within a maximum period of two weeks from the date of the polling day and in the event that it is not removed, the candidate is not entitled to a refund.
  5. The documents attached to the candidacy application
    • A copy of the identity card or passport
    • A recent birth certificate issued and approved by the civil registry (original)
    • Two personal photos
    • Criminal Status Certificate (original), receipt is not recognized
    • A certified check for nomination fees
    • A certified check subject to return as a guarantee to remove the electoral campaign
    • A certificate stating the actual residence issued by local affairs
    • Members of the Central Committee and sub-committees and affiliates of the regulatory bodies are required to submit their resignation decisions
  6. Withdrawal procedures
  7. Each candidate is entitled in the case of individual candidacy to submit a request to withdraw his/her candidacy, just as the legal representative of the list has the right to submit a request to withdraw a candidate’s candidacy and to replace him/her with another candidate in the candidate list so that the number stipulated in the legislation in force is observed. The receipt of withdrawal requests stops 48 hours before the announcement of the final lists of candidates in all categories.
  8. Initial list
  9. The Central Committee shall prepare a preliminary list of candidates in the municipality based on the list referred by the sub-committee. The list will be posted on the website of the Central Committee and the headquarters of the sub-committee for a period of three days.
  10. Functions of the candidate's official
    • Ensure that no candidate files are received unless they meet the conditions and attachments
    • Entering the candidate's data in the candidate registration system
    • Ensure that none of the recommenders is repeated on more than one recommendation list in the same category
    • Email electoral symbols promptly upon receipt to the Central Committee via the e-mail of the sub-committee provided that each symbol is named in the name of the candidate or his/her list
    • Delivery of the receipt, containing the time, date and registration number of the candidate in case of candidacy in the individual system
    • Delivery of the receipt, containing the time, date and registration number of the candidate in the event of running for the list system
    • Daily referral of all candidates' files to the sub-committee for accreditation