Municipal Council Seats are Formed in Accordance with the Local Administration Law as Follows:

  • Seven (7) seats for municipalities whose population is less than (250,000) two hundred and fifty thousand
  • Nine (9) seats for municipalities whose population is more than (250,000) two hundred and fifty thousand

With the issuance of the list of foundations and controls for the municipal council elections No. (519) for the year 2022, which adopted the absolute closed list system (party-block-vote system), each list must include, besides the general category, a woman and a member of the revolutionaries with special needs category.

Terms of Running for Membership in the Municipal Council Elections:

  • To be a Libyan citizen enjoying full civil rights, unless the deprivation is due to a political issue.
  • To be fully eligible, and not to be less than twenty-five years old.
  • Not to combine membership of the Council with any other official job or position.
  • To submit, before assuming membership in the Municipal Council, a statement of his/her financial disclosure, his/her spouse’s and children’s, including a full statement of their immovable and movable property.
  • Not to have been dismissed from the state by a final disciplinary decision unless the dismissal was due to a political issue.
  • To be of good conduct and reputation, believing in the principles and objectives of the February 17 revolution.
  • Not to have been previously convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude unless to have been rehabilitated.
  • Not to have previously joined the formations of the Revolutionary Guards, the Revolutionary Committees, the Internal Security Service, or the External Security Service, or who tortured, killed, or harmed opponents of the regime of the annihilated tyranny, or occupied one of the senior leadership positions in that regime, unless to have participated in the February 17 revolution or joined its ranks later.
  • Not to have obtained any funds owned by the state by illegal means or obtained funds from any person by means of bribery or in the course of carrying out the job duties that were entrusted to him/her within the institutions of the previous regime.
  • Not to be a member of the Central Committee for Local Council Elections or a member of one of its sub-committees.
  • Not to be a member of judicial bodies or member of the national army or regular bodies.
  • No person may run for office in more than one municipal council or in more than one list, otherwise, the candidacy shall be considered null and void.
  • To be registered in the register of voters in the constituency in which s/he wishes to run.

Documents Required for Running for Municipal Council Membership:

  • A copy of the identity card or passport.
  • A recent original birth certificate issued and approved by the Civil Registry.
  • Personal photos (2).
  • Criminal status certificate, original, a receipt is not valid.
  • A certified, non-refundable check (in the name of the Central Committee for Local Elections) in the amount of (1,000) dinars for each candidate within the same list, deposited in the Central Committee for Local Elections revenue account.
  • A certified refundable check as a guarantee for the removal of electoral propaganda, with the amount of (2000) two thousand dinars
  • A certificate stating the actual residence issued by the local affairs.
  • Resignation decision for members of the Central Committee and its subcommittees, members of state bodies, members of the national army and judicial bodies. A letter stating that a resignation request has been submitted shall not be accepted.
  • A medical report issued by a public authority that specifies the percentage of disability for the revolutionaries with special needs.
  • Each list running for the election of the Municipal Council shall submit data for (200) two hundred recommenders according to the forms prepared for this purpose, attached to a CD containing an (Excel) file, including the names of the recommenders, their national and electoral numbers, and their signatures. The recommenders are required to:
    1. Be registered in the final voter register in the municipality in which he/she wants to recommend one of the candidate lists.
    2. Not to recommend more than one of the candidate lists.

Withdrawal Procedures:

  • The legal representative of the list has the right to submit a request to withdraw the candidacy of a candidate and to substitute him/her with another candidate on the nominated list so that the number stipulated in the legislation in force is adhered to (48 hours) before the announcement of the final lists of the candidate lists.

Initial List:

  • The Central Committee prepares an initial list of candidates in the municipality based on the list transmitted by the sub-committee, and it is published on the website of the Central Committee and the headquarters of the sub-committee for a period of two working days, and the register after that becomes final unless any objections are submitted to it.

Applications for Candidacy for Membership of the Municipal Council Shall be Submitted as Follows:

  • The registration of candidates for municipal council membership shall be with the sub-committees of the electoral districts.
  • Candidates’ registration begins on the date set by the Central Committee in accordance with the regulations issued in this regard.
  • Candidacy applications shall be submitted to the Subcommittee on special forms in accordance with the procedures adopted and announced by the Central Committee for Local Elections. The application for candidacy is required to include the name, age, address, and the electoral number of the four-year candidate, and to be appended to his/her signature or the signature of his/her legal representative.

For more details, please see system of nomination procedures and registration of lists