Registration Conditions

  • Not to have previously registered in any other registration center
  • To be resident in the domain of the district in which he intends to register
  • To obtain the national number from the civil registry system
  • Not be less than 18 years old on polling day
  • To have legal capacity

Required Documents

  • A family booklet containing a photo of the applicant
  • Or A passport / ID card

Registration by text message:

  • Send a message to the number 11711
  • The message should contain the national number # the electoral center number
  • You will be replied to with your registration number or rejected for meeting the conditions
  • After 24 hours you can visit the chosen electoral center where you will find your name and electoral number. Your identity is verified and an electoral card and an election number are issued to you

Voter-registration of unregistered residents:

In the case of a citizen residing in the municipality in which s/he wishes to register as a voter to elect its municipal council and is registered in the municipality's civil registry, the following steps are followed:

  • • The citizen personally goes to the nearest local affairs department of the Civil Status Authority in the district in which s/he resides to request a proof of residence form (5). S/he should be accompanied by the following documents:
    1. The National number
    2. Proof of identity
    3. Registration number
  • The citizen personally submits the proof of residence certificate to the subcommittee of municipal council elections with the following documents:
    1. The National number
    2. Proof of identity
    3. Registration number
    4. 4. Personal phone number
  • The citizen’s request is processed by the specialists of the Subcommittee, the Central Committee and the Civil Status Authority. Once the process is completed and the citizen’s eligibility is verified, the citizen receives a text message on her/his phone number which s/he has submitted to the subcommittee, informing them of the ability to register via text messages as a voter in the municipal council elections in which s/he resides.