Prime Minister of GNU visits CCLE

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, the Central Committee for Local Elections received at its headquarters in Tripoli, the Head of the Government of National Unity, Mr. (Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba), accompanied by Mr. (Adel Jumaa), Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, and Mr. (Walid Al-Lafi) Minister of State for Communication and Political Affairs.14PM

The visit - which comes within the framework of the GNU's follow-up to the work of the Central Committee, and the level of its preparations to implement the upcoming local elections - included a meeting held by the Prime Minister with members of the Central Committee for Local Elections, and a number of directors of its offices and executive units.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister affirmed his full support for the Central Committee so that it can conduct the municipal council elections, stressing the need to implement the elections urgently, taking into account the municipalities whose municipal councils have exhausted the legal period, in addition to the newly created municipalities.

The Prime Minister (Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba) expressed the readiness of his government and its service ministries to support and assist the Central Committee during the implementation of the upcoming electoral events, calling on it to identify its technical and logistical needs.

For his part, the Chairman of the Central Committee (A. Adel Al-Ashhab) reviewed the work mechanisms of the offices and units of the Central Committee, and its motive plan for holding elections in appropriate conditions, as well as the measures it took in the context of its administrative arrangement, and its restructuring in line with the implementation of the new electoral system for municipal councils. (The absolute closed list / The Party-Block-Vote) according to the highest professional standards.

The head of the Central Committee indicated that the committee managed, during the previous two electoral stages, to implement about (135) electoral processes, distributed among most of the municipalities, stressing the committee's keenness to continue implementing local elections according to a calendar that guarantees the success of the electoral process.