Workshop to Raise Capabilities of Observers of Electoral Process and Candidate Agents in Tajoura

The International Network for Awareness and Election Observation, in cooperation with the Coordination of Civil Society Organizations, Tajoura, coordinated a workshop aimed at increasing the capabilities of electoral process observers and candidate agents.

Ms. Nusaima Imran Shilo, the official in charge of observers at the CCMCE gave a detailed explanation of the system for accrediting the agents of candidates and local and international observers, while Mrs. Najia Al Mahdi Abu Jarad, a member of the Women’s Union, presented a simulation of the polling day. The workshop included answering the inquiries and questions of the attendees of observers and agents - 63 participants.

The workshop concluded by honoring the participants and Mrs. Nusaima Imran Shilo, who confirmed that the main objective of the CCMCE of participation is limited to confirming the quality of monitoring work, as cooperation with active civil society institutions is one of the guarantees of successful implementation of the elections.

Civil society institutions have an oversight role. With and by the Candidates' agents, the electoral process is strengthened.